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Is Naked Wines The “Netflix Of Wine”? Nope.


In Today’s news:

“Is Naked Wines The “Netflix Of Wine”? Why Light Street Capital Expects 1,000% Return”



Just all wrong for the same reasons that Winc isn’t the Netflix of wine either as it asserts. Claims to that are simply meaningless, misleading marketing hype with absolutely no data to underpin a fantasy claim.


Just because you have a subscription wine club (dime a dozen these days) doesn’t make you like Netflix which has a customer retention rate of more than 90% — and THAT is the key metric for comparison with Netflix.


There is no indication that Naked Wines has an accurate recommendation engine or a retention rate comparable to Netflix.


Two of the developers of Netflix’s “Billion-dollar-recommendation algorithm point out, that accurate recommendations and its corollary ability to ease “the paradox of choice” — are the key parameters to retaining its customers.


In addition, as we pointed out last week — Wine Club Winc postpones $75 million IPO. A look at one number might be the key — those are the key. There is also no customer retention data on Naked Wines


For what it is worth, I was one of the first “Angels” when Naked Wines first launched. I left when I could no longer find wines that were enjoyable. I’ve also tried — and quickly dropped — memberships at numerous other prominent non-winery clubs. For tht same reason.

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