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Click ad, above, to see how corks with TCA above 0.5 ppt can be removed from production.

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NielsenIQ Shows On-Premise Spirits with no growth since end of pandemic. Beer off -2.2%; Wine down -8.1%

NielsenIQ Beverage Alcohol Update Week ending March 13, 2021 Unless otherwise noted, data and insights below are for…

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Silicon Valley Bank DtC Winery Survey NOW ends March 26

NEWS RELEASE – MARCH 19, 2020 SVB’S Annual Direct to Consumer Wine Survey now ends March 26th Click here to…

Understanding SPACs

A SPAC — Special Purpose Acquisition Company (also known as a “blank check” company) — is a relatively simple…

Crimson Wine to restate 3+ years of financial results after independent review of “unreliable” accounting errors

  Crimson Wine Group will be  restating “unreliable” financial results for three fiscal years ended December 31, 2017,…

Time Is Running Out For Prop 13 Transfers Of Property That Were Abolished by Prop 19


Amorim TCA Claims: Where’s the proof?

Grand claims of a “magic bullet” require data to be credible otherwise, it’s just more marketing hype: Amorim…

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Ganau launches EPIQ – Corks with threshold of ≤0.5 ng/L TCA — below level of human perception. Process backed by peer-reviewed science

NEWS RELEASE – JANUARY 18, 2021     Ganau reveals EPIQ, a natural cork with threshold of ≤0.5

January 18th, 2021

Vineyard Visibility: Michael David Winery Improves Results With Aerial Imaging

Article by Ceres Imaging   Despite the bucolic setting of the average vineyard, risk can be everywhere. Sun-dappled

May 22nd, 2020

From Overwhelmed to Organized: Vineyard 29’s first harvest with vintrace

Like most winemakers with too much to do during harvest, it was often a battle for Keith Emerson,

March 17th, 2020

ETS Laboratories adds winemaker Don LaBorde to leadership team

NEWS RELEASE St. Helena, Ca. (September 25, 2019) ” ETS Laboratories, the pioneer and leader in wine analysis

September 27th, 2019


Online Usability


TOP NEWS FTC approves revised Gallo-Constellation blockbuster wine deal Pix.Wine Aims to End The Balkanization of Wine What

December 29th, 2020

Why Your Email Contact Form Says “Go To Hell” To Your Web Site Visitors

No one really has time to fill out all your little boxes. Fill in the blanks. Screw that!

April 29th, 2015

What Message Is Your Old Blog/Site Sending?

The sale of eWinery Solutions was so NOT a surprise given the persistent coma of its website. Note

September 18th, 2014

Offending Ads – Pages That Twitch With Animations

The number-one complaint from News Fetch readers comes from animations. We’ve been banning those for new ads and

September 15th, 2014


News Reporting & Journalism

Correction: Foppoli is mayor of Windsor, not Healdsburg

On Friday, I incorrectly wrote a headline indicating that Dominic Foppoli was mayor of Healdsburg. He is the...

April 12th, 2021

This smelly vendor survey lacked data integrity, so USA Today flushed their stinky article down the drain.

Wine Industry Insight has previously written about slipshod vendor-conducted “surveys” that have obvious conflicts of interest and are...

August 23rd, 2019

Wine Industry Insight/News Fetch wine review policy

Most wines reviewed in News Fetch’s popular “Wine of the Day” feature are purchased by the editors with...

October 7th, 2018

Presentation and supplemental material for participants of WBC18

WBC18 Presentation Daily Bruin Handbook...

October 4th, 2018


Wine’s best known right-wing extremist among FBI’s record number of domestic terror arrests

This is the redacted version of a 2,638-word premium Wine Executive News article. Premium Subscribers can go directly to the premium version by logging in Here: CCBill premium subscribers, please click this link. Stripe premium subscribers, please click this link Not a Wine Executive News…

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AlcBev COVID bonus mostly gone: Off-Premise Wine dollar sales off -30% from 2020, but still above 2019

 NielsenIQ = Beverage Alcohol Update Week ending March 20, 2021   Unless otherwise noted, data and insights below are for the week ending March 20, 2021, compared to the same week last year in NielsenIQ off-premise channels.   We are now a few weeks into…

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No More Jim Crow. Here’s what the WineBiz can do to stop voter suppression

Click here to view the full image of the Black Economic Alliance New York Times advertising page. This article in the New York Times this morning got me to thinking what the wine industry can do to oppose voter suppression in Georgia and the numerous…

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Netflix Generates Big Data for To Amp Up Recommendations — Wine Needs To, Too.

This is #5 in Wine Industry Insight’s in-depth series about the quest for the Netflix of wine Article #1: How A Netflix-Style Recommender Is Vital to Reversing Wine’s Market Marginalization Article #2: Why solving the “Paradox of Choice” is a major reason Netflix’s recommender is…

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Monday, April 12, 2021

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Podcasting flourished during pandemic. Will it continue to grow as COVID subsides?

Source: Morning Consult…

YouTube, Reddit making huge gains in social media use. Facebook stagnant

Source: Pew Research: Social Media Use in 2021…

Tourism-dependent states stand out among the worst in financial recovery

Source: Morning Consult…

The (sorta) good news for Constellation wine earnings: Not as bad as expected

  More data at the source: Nik Modi (Analyst),  | (212) 905-5993 |…

Tasting Room Safety: Half of adults oppose businesses requiring COVID Vax Passports for entry

Source: Morning Consult.…

While COVID-19 boosted e-commerce alcohol sales, investment sucked

Source: Crunchbase…

Billionaire Vintner Bill Foley Is the Overlooked Star of SPAC Fundings

Source: Wall Street Journal…



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Effective Advertising

Wine Industry Insight: Your 98.1% solution — An exercise in meaningless data

Wine Business Monthly’s “95% solution” is a ridiculous distortion of data. The Wine Business Monthly’s 2020 Advertising Planning...

March 2nd, 2020

Keynote Presentation – Effective Advertising – International Bulk Wine & Spirits Symposium – Lewis Perdue

Click to download PDF: Keynote Presentation – Effective Advertising – International Bulk Wine & Spirits Symposium – Lewis...

June 3rd, 2018

Mobile Internet growing, but desktop dominates business hours & purchase decisions

Right-click images to enlarge Image Source: Lewis Perdue keynote presentation, 2017 International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show IBWSS...

July 27th, 2017

13 ways Online Advertising Is Less Expensive, More Secure & Convenient for You On Wine Industry Insight

 Comparable Banner Price WBM: Charges separately for Web and email. That more than doubles ad prices WII: One...

December 29th, 2015

Offending Ads – Pages That Twitch With Animations

The number-one complaint from News Fetch readers comes from animations. We’ve been banning those for new ads and...

September 15th, 2014

How do you make a sponsored content link pay off?

Sponsored content links are those paid by sponsors and, on Wine Industry Insight, clearly marked as such. (Not...

September 9th, 2014

Corporate Awards & Prizes: Subtle Ways Of Biasing Media Coverage

And one step on a slippery slope toward being a “made man” (or woman. Financial scribes urged to...

June 26th, 2014