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Billion-dollar Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Sale A Tactic To Bid Up The Price Up From A Fraction Of That

  Bloomberg reported on Nov. 11 that Sycamore Partners was “Weighing $1 Billion Sale of Stag’s Leap Wine.”   The Bloomberg article stated that, “Sycamore Partners is considering selling Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars for about $1 billion just one month after acquiring the label from Altria Group Inc., according to people with knowledge of the […]

Upsized or downsized? Winc’s inflated statement on its IPO

Misleading? You decide: News Release: Winc Announces Pricing of Upsized IPO   Market Watch: Wine Club Winc Set for Trading After Downsized IPO

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Rabbit Ridge Winery Properties Set for Over-Bid Auction

  While Riboli Paso Robles, LLC has taken the first steps to buy the Rabbit Ridge properties, bankruptcy rules require that an over-bid auction take place to assure maximum recovery to creditors on the sale.   See previous Wine Industry Insight coverage below auction graphic.   Previous Wine Industry Insight Articles on Rabbit Ridge Riboli […]

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Winc slashes IPO 73% after postponement, bails on “white shoe” underwriters.

  Disclosure: Lewis Perdue does not own or hold any stocks, securities or investments in wine, alcoholic beverages, food, hospitality or related companies.   Wine club Winc  — which postponed its October IPO — announced Tuesday it was planning to offer 1,538,462 shares of common stock at $12 and $14 per share, down from from […]

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Is Naked Wines The “Netflix Of Wine”? Nope.

  In Today’s news: “Is Naked Wines The “Netflix Of Wine”? Why Light Street Capital Expects 1,000% Return” Wrong.   Just all wrong for the same reasons that Winc isn’t the Netflix of wine either as it asserts. Claims to that are simply meaningless, misleading marketing hype with absolutely no data to underpin a fantasy […]

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Wine Club Winc postpones $75 million IPO. A look at one number might be the key.

Winery Winc postpones $75 million IPO In recent years, Winc has made some unsupportable claims that have marred its overall image. Wine Industry Insight has followed the company’s inflated claims for several years.  The most recent of these was Winc’s claim that they were “The Netflix of Wine.” That claim appeared too good to be […]

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Riboli drilling test water wells for possible Rabbit Ridge Winery Purchase

The  complete Riboli Declaration court filing is available to premium subscribers who can go directly to the full version by logging in here: CCBill premium subscribers, please click this link. Stripe premium subscribers, please click this link Not a Wine Executive News subscriber? Subscribe to Wine Executive News now, and get the rest of this […]

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Judge Allows Langtry Farms to File Amended Complaint Against Reimers & Stine, refuses to release stored wine.

NOTE: In response to our inquiry into the latest news the Langtry-Reimers lawsuit, below is the complete, unedited text of an email sent to Wine Industry Insight late Tuesday evening by Singer Associates Public Relations. We have not had time to thoroughly process the court filings or contact either side in the litigation. However, given the timeliness, […]

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Step-by-step: The alleged Reimers/Torick/Langtry conspiracy as described in amended court papers

Previous court filings reported by Wine Industry Insight (links below) contained relatively non-specific and often incomplete details about the case. This follow-up is based on the far more specific details contained in the amended complaint filed Sept. 22 by Langtry/Guenoc Wine Inc. June 24, 2021: Were smoke-impacted grapes & wine laundered? Lake County Court Battle […]

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Simultaneously evicted and not. Is Rabbit Ridge the Schrödinger’s Cat of Wineries?

This is the redacted version of a 859-word premium Wine Executive News article.   Premium Subscribers can go directly to the premium version by logging in Here:   CCBill premium subscribers, please click this link. Stripe premium subscribers, please click this link   Not a Wine Executive News subscriber? Subscribe to Wine Executive News now, […]

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