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Beatbox leads Millennials to wine by selling the party (and not mentioning wine!) Did Mark Cuban buy into the future or another Annie Green Springs?

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This is part 1 pf a 2-part premium double feature. The second article is at: BeatBox bests Saucey, moves into #16 position in Wine Tech fundings with $15.87 million.


It’s fun, cheap, tasty/fruity, quaffable, intoxicating and all dressed up to party! Especially for the younger demographic that segues toward GenZ.


But is it the solution to the wine industry’s current angst-ridden obsession with “Millennial Wine Dysfunction Syndrome?” And can its almost-$16 million in investments do the job?


BeatBox Beverages raised eyebrows in 2014 when it appeared on  ABC’s Shark Tank in 2014 and Mark Cuban bought 33% of the company for $1 million. Since then it seems to have raised almost $16 million. “Seems” is appropriate since the company refused to comment on Wine Industry Insight’s investment round chart sent to them on Feb. 5 to check for comments, accuracy and completeness.

Millennial Wine Dysfunction Syndrome, Exhibit 1

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Millennial Wine Dysfunction Syndrome, Exhibit 2

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The fruity, intoxicating mix that wows young drinkers

Clearly, BeatBox occupies the share of mind — and drink — as did Bartles and Jaymes, Annie Greensprings, Ripple, California Cooler,  and Sangria for Twenty Somethings of years gone by.


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  • But is it wine? Wrong question!

  • Staying power? Uncertain.

  • Are we at “peak party punch?” Too late for a successful & profitable exit like California Cooler made before the segment imploded?

  • Alternative to selling or tanking: A slow-mo loyalty pivot that allows BeatBox to be a “gateway drink”

  • “Mixed in Austin” touted for authenticity, but the reality is bulk processing and packaging mostly in Nevada and California.

  • Benefits for the wine industry: Hedging against possible oversupply

  • BeatBox Beverage lessons for the wine industry: Don’t call it wine or go all ritual, romantic, and educational on this market segment

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