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Vivino surfs to online prominence atop a wave of Euro Cash

While American high-tech venture capital garners most international headlines, Vivino has surfed its way to consumer wine prominence atop a wave of Euro investment that tops $56.3 million.


Other than a UK firm (still bre-Brexit) and unspecified angel-sized contributions from a U.S. fund organized by a group of professional athletes,  the Vivino financial engine burns almost pure Eurodollars.


What’s more, the two largest funding rounds have been led by a globally prominent Champagne executive.


Significantly, all of the pivotal start-up and early stage rounds have come from the Scandinavian associates of Vivino’s founders.


Also significant is the fact that Vivino’s early-stage investors have stuck with them thr0ugh later rounds — an expression of confidence and commitment.


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