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List of top 50 wine business venture fundings + Coravin #1 in total financing

A note from Wine Industry Insight Publisher and Executive Editor Lewis Perdue about this article and the regular series to come:

“As noted in the disclaimer in both charts below, we recognize that the data we have reluctantly extracted from our research into private fundings will always be incomplete thanks to the lack of transparency that plagues the wine industry in particular. This is in stark contrast to the far more open data available on technology company fundings.

“As a financial journalist covering technology for TheStreet.Com, WallStreetJournal.Com and others, I grew accustomed to openness and enthusiasm from investors and companies. Investors liked the exposure because it brought them deals. Companies liked it because they had a better idea of who to pitch. Both sides benefited from transparency and openness.

“Whether intentional or not, the wine industry’s near-impenetrable secrecy will continue to put a damper on deals overall. That hermit-like isolation also sabotages due diligence on both sides of the deal by making sure that information, market statistics, performance metrics, and other data are mostly unavailable.

“We will do our best to dig out and verify information. If something is incomplete or off-base, then step up and offer verifiable information. If you have that sort of information and don’t share, then you have no cause for complaint.”

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Coravin: #1 in wine venture funding


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