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NEW REAL ESTATE COVERAGE: You’re only as far away from dirt as your next glass of wine

Growing up in a farming family, the household mantra to city folk was that, “You’re only as far away from agriculture as your next meal.”


The analogy holds for wine. No dirt, no wine.


Over the past eight years of online publishing Wine Industry Insight, we have received a series of persistent requests to better cover the market for vineyards, wineries and associated land and properties.


I am reminded of an email I got in 2016 from Napa Vintner Kirk Venge who also consults with a number of high-end brands.


In an email to Wine Industry Insight, Venge said bought a Russian River Valley property after learning it was for sale by reading WII’s daily News Fetch email briefing. “It’s all because of Wine Industry Insight that we have this new winery to house the Croix venture! The universe at work!,” Venge wrote.


For years, we informed the industry about real estate through a relationship with another information provider. That relationship ended earlier this year. Since then, we’ve received numerous emails asking for us to fill the void.


That is our intent with this new editorial feature.


Yes, I said, “editorial” feature. The new listing links we run will always be free. We will source those the same way we do with our other links: by proactively searching the web for them.


In addition, realtors, brokers and property owners can use our free Other Voices system to post their information. There are some basic rules to follow which can be found at the bottom of the Registration page.


Like our news links, real estate links must be fresh. They will run for one day only: just like other news links. Sponsored links (see below) run every day.


NOTE: Because this is a new feature and we are still finding online sources of fresh links, we may allow links to run (free of course) for longer than one day. This will end as soon as we get a good handle on finding fresh daily listings for interesting dirt.

Self Posting for Real Estate Listings

We have expanded our Other Voices self-posting system to include real estate announcements. You can click here to register to post.


These are “news” postings, NOT ADVERTISING. As such, please stick to the facts.


Your headline MUST consist of the following SIX items:

  1. Descriptive title,
  2. town,
  3. county,
  4. state,
  5. asking price,
  6. SqFt and/or acreage (as applicable).


  • Northern California Almond Orchard (2 water sources) Artois , CA | Glenn County, CA $8,960,000 320.94 acres
  • Dixon Almond Orchard Dixon , CA | Solano County, CA $8,250,000 312.5 acres
  • Operating winery and vineyard with a hotel resort opportunity Temecula , CA | Riverside County, CA $10,500,000 20 acres

The information doesn’t need to be in this order, but ALL SIX need to be in the headline in order to be published in the news links.

Sponsored links are advertisements and can say whatever the advertiser wishes.

Sponsored links & Other Ads

People interested in having their links run for longer, can buy a sponsored link or a banner display advertisement. Sponsored links are $230/month. Prices for other ads can be found on our Rate Card.