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Treasury/Ste. Michelle Celebrity Stag Deathmatch: Opening Skirmishes (Redux)

The celebrity stag death match between Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and Treasury Wine Estates has entered its second round of opening skirmishes following the judge’s admonishment of both parties for their earlier round of legal catfighting (Dueling Stags: Judge Hands Losses To Both Ste. Michelle & Treasury, Then Spanks Their Lawyers).


No substantial new facts have been added to the court record that have not already been covered (See previous coverage links, below).


However, District Court Judge Richard Seeborg has managed to create the first document filed in the case that summarizes the events, charges and counter-charges and presents the matters in a straight-forward manner minus the extreme polemics and over-the-top posturing that has characterized the case so far. The full text of those comments can be accessed by premium subscribers here: Seeborg’s Case Management Statement and Report


In addition, Treasury Wine Estates has filed its answer to Ste. Michelle’s amended complaint and listed its defenses in support of its claim for declaratory relief. That document — basically a re-arrangement of the previous configuration of deck chairs —  can be accessed here by premium subscribers. Treasury has also made its first discovery request, the language of which reflects continued posturing.


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