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Cameron Hughes Wine Forced Into Receivership, Sale/Merger Likely

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The Clara Street Company, dba Cameron Hughes Wine (CHW) and Sales Pros, has been placed in receivership by the Superior Court of San Francisco at the request of its lender, Union Bank. John Hawkins of St. Helena was appointed receiver on March 24.

Union Bank’s 128-page complaint alleges an extensive laundry list involving a $15.3 million credit line including late payments, being out out of compliance with various financial ratios and the failure to provide timely reports.

Court documents indicate that CHW is not insolvent and had been close to finding a buyer for the company when the receivership was granted by the court. It is not known how the court’s action will affect the proposed deal.

A March 27 declaration backed by volumes of financial data, Doug Rogers, Chief Operating Officer of the Clara Street Company financial data indicated that the company’s financial position was not helped by over-due trade payables.

“From the beginning of 2013 through the end of 2014, Clara Street Co. has been subjected to ever changing, ever tightening borrowing restrictions placed upon it by Union Bank, and has substantially, if not fully, complied with them,” said Rogers in a March 6 declaration.

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