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The News-less “News” Release

News releases don’t have to be nauseatingly arrogant to be worthless.

All it takes is the ability to bury the news at the bottom of a textual avalanche of wandering prose.

This release has the usual self-congratulatory mentions embedded in a lot of verbiage that failed to address the basic question: Why should the reader give a damn?

Constellation Brands Takes National and Local Retail Surveys Mobile with Flowfinity Enterprise Apps

Most readers would have taken a mild dose of Imodium and clicked away from that mess. I read on, looking for the pony: actual, useful facts. And there, at the bottom, a clue: “For more information, read the case study.”

But that “case study” turned out to be more textual crap not worth the time.

If you make a promise, then pay off.

And if you steal someone’s time with worthless blather, you create anger, resentment and bad will that accumulates against you and anyone else mentioned in your news-less “news” release