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Hill Wine Co – Fireworks Likely In Today’s Liquidation Hearing

IMPORTANT NOTE: Hill Family Estate as well as William Hill Estate Winery, are not affiliated with, nor owned by the same families as The Hill Wine Company in this and previous bankruptcy articles.

The Hill Wine Company bankruptcy court scheduled for today is likely to see some hard-hitting judicial fire works as Bankruptcy Trustee Lois I. Brady argues for an immediate conversion to Chapter 7 liquidation.

Her argument, based on the results of her investigation, lays out a chaotic trail of mistakes, mismanagement and possible criminal conduct made worse by foolish  lenders who made risky, ultra-high-interest loans to a personally bankrupt convicted felon.

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  • Causes of Insolvency and the Filing of the Petition for Relief

  • Business Funded, Operated By High-Risk Loans

  • Gross Mismanagement, Illegal Conduct Alleged

  • Zepponi Passes Over Leasehold Terms

  • Wine Sales Prevented By Umpqua Bank

  • Mislabeled Wine Devalued Collateral

  • Conversion to Chapter 7 Needed ASAP

  • Asset Value Cannot Be Determined

  • Creditor Recovery Uncertain

  • Grower’s Liens May Be Paid


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