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Courts Finally Catch Up To WineGavel Auction Site Founder

Almost two years ago, Wine Industry Insight broke the story of disappearing wine and mis-managed auction lots plaguing the online auction site, WineGavel (WineGavel Sued By Rare, Fine Wine Collectors).

Since then, lawsuit after lawsuit has plagued the company even after new management stepped in to try and clean things up:

As WII has reported, the finger of blame has been consistently pointed at the company’s former owner, Joshua Krummenoehl of Brooklyn, NY who, court records charge, drove the company into disaster by siphoning off s0me $500,000 in company funds and wine entrusted for auction.

Now,  the Napa Valley Register reports that NY police arrested Krummenoehl earlier this month and extradited him to California where he posted $50,000 bail and is scheduled for a hearing in  Napa County Superior Court on Aug. 28.