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When Company Blogs Slide Into Sales Brochure-land

A lot of company blogs offer good solid information. But when they begin to read like a sales brochure, they lose credibility and readership.

To qualify as a solid article rather than a thinly disguised advertisement the post should:

  • Get to the point.
  • Avoid basing the entire article on YOU. Remember that the article should be about THEM (the reader).
  • Offer useful information.
  • Offer actionable advice.
  • Don’t just pose a set of questions you hope will elicit interest (How effective is your wine shipping?). People know those are just a tease that leads to s sales trap.
  • NEVER end your blog posts with a sales pitch (Call a sales rep now!). You can invite people to ask for more information, but …
  • … When you invite people to ask for more information, make sure you follow-up with information, not just a pure sales pitch.
  • Remember that you gain credibility by establishing yourself as a reliable, unbiased source of information. Establishing that will do more for sales than just sell, sell, sell.