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Experience: The News Fetch, News Difference


On a typical Monday through Friday, News Fetch gives its subscribers from 40 to 70 article links, organized from most important to articles of interest but lesser importance.

News Fetch articles are not randomly selected or chosen by a computer. Wine Industry Insight and News Fetch editor Lewis Perdue has 42 years of journalism experience, hands-on wine industry experience dating back to 1982 and management and technical experience as a CEO and CTO primarily in Silicon Valley and experience in advertising, marketing and public relations.

A few examples of that experience include founding:

  • Wines West Wine Distribution (and its subsidiary Hollywood & Wine).
  • Wine Business Monthly, The Insider and online services
  • Pocketpass, an internet payments company bought acquired by a public corporation
  • Renaissance Communications, a Silicon Valley technical marketing consulting company.

Lew has also played founding support roles in Kalpana (acquired by Cisco), LynuxWorks/Lynx Real-Time Systems, and several other start-ups. He has also served as a consultant to more than two-dozen companies including  Hewlett-Packard and  NEC.

Lew has also worked for advertising agency J. Walter Thompson and as a managing director for public relations and communications firm Manning, Selvage & Lee.

Every article chosen for News Fetch is scrutinized through the lenses of that experience with these questions in mind: can it be used to manage better, increase profits, find new markets, and grow market share? And in tough times, will it help subscribers survive?


Perdue first sold wine when he started a wholesale/import/distribution company in Los Angeles in 1982. As a result, he gained first-hand sales and marketing experience in the wine industry in addition to having to deal with government, regulation, contracts, finance, shipping, currency exchange, transportation, international relations and other vital business aspects of the wine business at every level of the industry.

Lew uses that hands-on experience every morning to find the most relevant articles of value to subscribers who must make a profit while managing aspects of the wine business every day.


Wine Industry Insight and News Fetch concentrate only on those articles that affect profitability and business management. That means we do not cover consumer-oriented articles or the wine-making and wine-growing aspects except where the topic has a DIRECT connection to profitability. Making and growing good wine are, of course, the foundation of a successful business, but the technical aspects are very well covered in other excellent outlets.


Perdue worked his way through college as a newspaper reporter, working almost full-time for the Elmira (NY) Star-Gazette and Ithaca Journal. He later worked as a Washington correspondent (Ottaway/Dow-Jones, States News Service), and later as a columnist for Gannett, The Wall Street Journal Online, CBS Marketwatch and TheStreet.Com. His investigative reporting has appeared in The Washington Post, Washington Monthly, Boston Globe and many other media outlets.

He has served on the faculties at UCLA and Cornell University, as a top aide to a U.S. Senator and a state governor, and run political races for Congress

Lew is the author of 21 published books including several bestsellers.

More details on Lewis Perdue’s experience can be found at this link.