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Inertia Beverage Group Secures New Vine Assets

Inertia Beverage Group Secures New Vine Assets
Statement by Inertia CEO Ted Jansen—

(NEWS RELEASE – Napa, CALIF)—Inertia Beverage Group is pleased to have obtained New Vine’s assets through the public auction process. This outcome ensures that Inertia Beverage Group will be able to service New Vine’s former clients on an uninterrupted basis, resulting in even greater opportunities for customers, the direct sales channel, and the wine industry as a whole. The acquisition of these assets deepens Inertia Beverage Group’s long term commitment to providing access to consumer and trade markets through a comprehensive suite of products and solutions designed to enable online wine marketplaces.

Inertia Beverage Group and its investors have always been a champion for direct sales as the most profitable path for wineries to gain market access, increase sales, protect their brands and create margin opportunities. The combination of our proven business capabilities with those from the newly acquired New Vine assets will result in the first fully-integrated and dynamic direct sales company in the wine industry, offering e-commerce, compliance and logistics capabilities all under one roof. Wineries will have access to an unprecedented array of products, services and resources that will give them the ability to tap into new growth areas. Further, the value of our vision and business model continues to be recognized by both current and new investors, supporting the acceleration of our vision.

In the days and weeks ahead, Inertia Beverage Group will continue to communicate with our customers, employees, and other stakeholders on the integration of the former New Vine assets, as well as the future of our business. The result of today’s auction is the start of an exciting new phase in our company’s evolution and we look forward to advancing our vision in the years to come.

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