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eWinery Solutions And Its Unclear PR Thinking

eWinery Solutions Introduces Powerful Business Intelligence Reporting for Wineries and Wine Retailers

What does it DO? “Powerful” means what? (Meaningless adjective) And lower down they tell us this is “best of breed.” And that is equally meaningless without data to back it up.

This is the worst, wandering news release of the year … so far.


eWinery Solutions, the industry leader in fully integrated business platform solutions for the wine industry, announced the launch of their new Business Intelligence “BI” Reporting.

There is NOTHING here that tells a potential customer why they should care.

What problem does this new system solve? What burning issue does this address? It’s full of jargon and blather that reflect unclear thinking about what this system does that might be important to their customer. If you can’t put that information in your headline and the lead, then you have failed.


True, lower down there is a laundry list of features, but what part of this might actual news and what parts of the actual news would a customer really care about?

If you don’t know what’s most important, how can you expect a potential customer to care?


In fact, the headline and lead are an ego trip that customers don’t give a flying [censored] about.

Is this the important thing about this product: “eWinery Solutions, the industry leader in fully integrated business platform solutions for the wine industry.”

If that is the main point, this is an ego trip and deserves to be ignored. And WHO says they are the industry leader? Where is the proof? What data backs that up? This ranks as the Costa Concordia of credibility.


What the hell is: “their new Business Intelligence “BI” Reporting?” That says nothing about what might be significant.

Does this company not have a clear idea of what their system does? Do they know their product so badly that they can’t figure out what specific capabilities a potential customer might find most valuable?

I’m slamming this not only as a journalist and university journalism prof, but as a former managing director of Manning, Selvage & Lee, one of the largest and best international PR firms on the planet.