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When The Media Gets Lied To, YOU Get Lied To

When people lie to the press, they lie to you, dear reader.

Lying reflects an underlying character flaw that says, “If they lied about this, what else have they lied about? When will the next lie be told?

Untrustworthy, dishonest, unethical. That’s the reputation they earn.

And if you facilitate a lie, or allow it to happen by your silence? You’re a liar too. If you keep the company of liars? Well, that says something as well.

There is often an imperial arrogance involved, the belief that one is so important that they are above the truth, that truth is whatever they say it is (Queen of Hearts) and that they are allowed to lie to the serfs (think Nixon … “I am not a crook.”)

My father told me — and I believed him — that when we die, the only thing that’s ever left is our reputation. And when you sell out your reputation for life’s bling, then that’s how you will be remembered.

Naive? Perhaps. But integrity has to start somewhere and it can never start with a lie.

I plan to call out lies from now on. How about we start here?