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Moscato Sales Soaring Says Gomberg-Fredrikson

NEWS RELEASE: Napa Valley, California, November 16, 2011

Moscato wine sales in the last three years have “taken off like a rocket” and show no signs of abating, according to Eileen Fredrikson of Gomberg-Fredrikson, America’s leading consulting firm specializing in the wine industry ( Nielsen results through September show that Moscato purchases climbed by 800,000 cases, up 73% in 2011.

“Most people like Moscato and are telling the industry to produce more,” according to Brittany Hufham, administrator of the newly-formed Moscato Nation, the association for the varietal. “Sparkling or still, white or pink, from Italy, Germany, Australia or California, consumers are finding wines they like.”

“We believe that Moscato, along with sweet red wines, are the new gateway to wine consumption, similar to 1970s Portuguese roses, l980s Lambruscos and White Zinfandel in the 1990s,” Fredrikson says. “We think Moscatos probably have attracted millions of new consumers and will play a valuable role in building future wine consumption.”

According to Gomberg-Fredrikson’s WineData Wine Price tracking report, U.S. producers and importers are responding to strong market demand. California producers are importing Moscato from Italy, Spain, Australia, Chile and Argentina to add Moscato to their portfolios or augment supplies. “We believe we’re just at the beginning of the Moscato boom, with many years of increased consumption ahead, and driving forward a major portion of total wine sales,” Fredrikson says.

Moscato Nation was announced last month and the initial members are Benessere Vineyards, Bronco Wine Company, Dalla Terra, Emeri, Funf, Moscato Allegro, Quady Winery and Salt of The Earth. It maintains a website at; consumers can join the nation at no cost.

“The consumers are in front of the producers, again,” commented Tim Hanni, M.W., authority on wine palatal preferences and a teacher at Sonoma State University Wine Business Class. “Hip hop is doing a lot of varietal advertising for us,” Hufham explains. “One of the most popular songs referencing Moscato is ‘No Hands’ by Waks Flocka…No wine has made such an impact on popular music,” Hufham says. “It’s driving sales in many markets.”

For membership information, contact Brittany Hufham, or see Moscato Nation’s founder and public relations contact is Harvey Posert, HPPR,