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Opinion: Free My Drink – Occupy Big Beer!

This is the latest post to describe the problem, and make a plea:Free My Drink!

So, please allow me to editorialize a moment with some obviously biased opinions.

There are are initiatives, lobbying, lawsuits and other things that have attempted to free consumers from the greed of Big Beer and their success in blocking free trade among the states. But it’s clear that the Big Beer wholesalers have enough money to buy all the legislators and members of Congress they need to thwart the market and consumer choice.

So why not take the fight to the market and Occupy Big Beer? Boycott it.

That’s voting with your feet and your wallet.

Now, I like beer. A lot.

But I have consistently purchased craft and artisan beers, even the ones that have grown large like Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada. And when it was really hot, I admit to liking Bud Light. But I haven’t had a Bud Light in 2+ years.

I do this because Budweiser, Miller, Coors and the other mega-breweries provide the National Beer Wholesalers Association with the money they need to screw consumers.

I’ve been boycotting Big Beer for a couple of years now because I refuse to feed the machine. I will not allow the profit from my beer purchases to finance their arrogance and totalitarian actions.

Join me! And pass the word on.