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Wine Institute Receives Less from FY 2023 U.S. Market Assistance Program. Northwest Wine Gets A Bit More

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The California’s Wine Institute (WI) allocation from the USDA’s Market Assistance program fell slightly this fiscal year, falling to $6,740,077 in FY2023 from $6,887,166 in  FY2023 funding. As a result, they fell one place in the top ten, from sixth to seventh.

The Northwest Wine Promotion Coalition received a small increase, $1, 313,308 in FY 2022 over $1,254,658 in FY 2023.

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Overall MAP Fund Recipients – 2022 to 2023

While amounts to recipients varied,  the 2022 and 2023 program totals came in $1 lower than the statutory maximum of  $180 million. See Excel files (below) for better details:
MAP-22-23-freeimageExcel Spreadsheets For  Premium Subscribers

  • 2022 Complete List (Excel File), Sorted by Amount Received
  • 2023 Complete List (Excel File), Sorted by Amount Received

Previous MAP Funding Allocations (Premium)

  • FY 2021
  • FY 2020
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  • FY 2018
  • FY 2017
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