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The Petaluma Gap Celebrates Five Years as an American Viticultural Area and Toasts the Successes of the Alliance & Its Members



Milestones include the launch of the AVA certification program and a successful Wind to Wine Festival


Petaluma, CA—January 18, 2023. On January 8th the Petaluma Gap Winegrowers Alliance (PGWA) celebrated the first five years of the Petaluma Gap as an official American Viticultural Area (AVA) by hosting two events at Hotel Petaluma. “Today is a big day for us. Our primary mission is to promote the Petaluma Gap AVA and to help consumers understand where the grapes came from to make the wine inside our wine bottles; that is why we celebrate our anniversary on this day,” said Tom Gendall, President of the Petaluma Gap Winegrowers Alliance. January 8, 2018 was the first day that Petaluma Gap could be included as an AVA name on the front label of wine bottles, following the federal designation on December 7, 2017.


The PGWA began the day’s celebration by hosting more than twenty-five of Sonoma County Tourism’s Accredited Hospitality Professionals (AHPs) for a Petaluma Gap Accreditation Program (PGAP) training session, followed by a tasting of wines from some of the AVA’s most prestigious producers. PGAP was launched in 2022 to help wine and hospitality professionals learn about the unique growing conditions of the Petaluma Gap, and how the wind creates the signature profile of wines produced in the region. For more information about this program go to:


In the evening, the PGWA held its annual members meeting, to celebrate the achievements of the Alliance and to thank its many supporters. More than sixty members, including winegrowers, winemakers, industry supporters and friends of the Alliance gathered to celebrate the 5th anniversary. Gendall reviewed PGWA’s accomplishments over the last year, including the sold-out Wind to Wine Festival last August, the technical seminar series for the organization’s growers and winemakers, the launch of the PGAP certification program and the many new wines from the Petaluma Gap added to the group’s “90+ Point Club” in 2022.


Given its popularity, Gendall also announced that the Alliance aims to expand the next Wind to Wine Festival, tentatively scheduled for August 5th, 2023 with more participating wineries and attendees. Those interested are invited to “Get Petaluma Gap News” by signing up online at


About the Alliance


Founded in 2005, the Petaluma Gap Winegrowers Alliance (PGWA) exists to educate members of the wine trade and consumers about the Petaluma Gap AVA and to increase awareness of the region’s unique growing conditions and resulting wine quality. PGWA additionally supports member winegrowers and vintners within the region through ongoing programs and communications designed to help them maximize their success within the industry. The group’s membership is made up of grape growers, wineries, associate business members, sponsors and local community members with a passion for the region and its wine.