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The Silicon Valley Bank 2023 State of The Industry Survey is Now Open

Below is a message from Rob McMillan who is taking some well-deserved R&R.

Where are we headed as an industry?

By now, everyone should be able to agree we are at an inflection point.


We certainly have some obstacles to dodge. What are they?


What is the magnitude of the problems?


How long will we be dealing with oversupply?


Where are the opportunities over the next five years?


What should we do?


We can help with some of those answers by getting you some benchmarks if you [take this year’s survey]. 


Each year at this time, Rob McMillan starts the process of gathering data to  write Annual SVB State of the Industry report which will be released in January next year.


It’s a comprehensive process that has Rob interviewing thought leaders within the alcohol beverage industry, finding and triangulating as much third party data as he can get, interviewing clients and prospects and surveying the industry to get critical producer sentiment.


That survey is open now and remains open through October 22. The survey takes about 12 minutes for most.

As a survey participant, SVB will provide you the complete raw anonymized results, top-level analysis, and relevant charts that you can use to benchmark your own progress against your peers.

Please note that the results will be distributed only to those who complete the survey.