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Kylix/Harvard Land Purchase from Wine Group May Have Set Santa Barbara County Record

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The recent sale of vineyard land adjacent to the Santa Ynez airport may have set a price record in Santa Barbara County.

The January sale of a 1,227-acre plot with about 800 vineyard-planted acres was sold by The Wine Group to Kylix Vineyards California LP, an entity affiliated with Grapevine Capital Partners, and the Harvard Management Company which is wholly owned by the University endowment fund.

See Wine Industry Insight’s previous article for details on the Kylix structure.

Santa Barbara County records and the grant deed (premium link) show the land — consisting of 18 contiguous parcels (see parcel map below) — was sold for $[redacted] million.

According to Costar data, the amount is the largest ever paid for a single land sale in the county.

Kylix currently owns [redacted]  acres in Santa Barbara County. Scroll down for a detailed spreadsheet image.

Screen Shot 2022-02-27 at 4.00.34 PM

According to Sotheby’s and multiple other real estate agent web sites the transaction includes various residences and additional improvements, including ag buildings and farm structures exist near the southerly portion of the ranch, including a shop, office, equipment storage, three warehouses, two grain tanks, and two pole barns.Water sources include an intersecting creek, and six wells,


Kylix Holdings In Santa Barbara County