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How to make online ads pay off for you.

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Keynote Presentation – Effective Advertising – International Bulk Wine & Spirits Symposium


5 Key Rules


1. Stand out with color and design.

If you are not IMMEDIATELY eye-catching, standing out in the context of other ads, your add money is wasted.

<<—– LOOK at this recent News Fetch page. Which ads immediately stand out?

2. Make a compelling headline statement.

Know your target well enough to write a headline that hits home to a compelling need.

Shout: “This is how we make your life better (save your job; save your company; etc.)”. Put a face to your target and decide what matter most to them.

3. Include a “call to action”

“Click now” works best.

Remember that instant gratification is the #1 rule in online advertising. A phone number is lame.

4. Create a custom landing page.

You need to “pay off” on your headline.

Create a page that follows up on your headline. Don’t just link to a generic company page.

5. Change your ad frequently

Readers get “banner blindness” and seek new items.

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