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Unproven assertion: 80% of our perception, learning, cognition and activities are mediated at least to some extent through vision

Despite almost unlimited access to the widest global collections of peer-reviewed publications, the  “eighty percent” quote remains unconfirmed by any peer-reviewed source.

The closest we could come for the source was two sources for those stats: was a book, Telling Ain’t Training, Chapter Three, “The Human Learner”, pages 19-22 by Dr. Harold D. Stolovitch and Dr. Eric J Keeps and Brain Rules, Chapter 10, Vision Trumps All Other Senses by Dr. Jon Medina, pages 221-231. Dr. Median is a neuroscientist and lists additional sources in his book.

There is some additional data on this page of his website Dr. Stolovitch and Dr. Keeps are cognitive researchers and also list additional sources in their book.

See also footnote 2 at this study.