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Solid new data on the impact of COVID-19 on wine & other AlcBevs from veteran data guru Jon Moramarco: bw166/Gomberg & Fredrikson

Total Beverage Alcohol Advance Servings +1.8% Last 12 Months through June +More At Industry Webinar Thursday

Moramarco and bw166 have released the Total Beverage Alcohol Advance for June 2020 with more to come Thursday in a wide-ranging webinar.

Key industry trends through June:

  • The bw166 Serving Index has grown +1.8% over the last twelve months versus the LDA population growth of +0.8%, a slight increase in per capita consumption.
  • Three-month volume trends are:
    • Beer -3.6%
    • Spirits +2.4%
    • Wine +3.9%
  • Three-month consumer spending trends are:
    • Beer -23.5%
    • Spirits -22.3%
    • Wine -16.2%
  • Three-month equivalent wholesale value trends are:
    • Beer -0.9%
    • Spirits +4.5%
    • Wine +1.9%

Webinar: Thursday, August 6th at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET.

To review the impacts of COVID-19 on the beverage alcohol industry, bw166, in conjunction with Gomberg & Fredrikson, will be presenting a joint webinar hosted by industry veteran Jon Moramarco on

The  bw166 / Gomberg & Fredrikson webinar will discuss:

  • Six-month and three-month total U.S. market trends across beverage alcohol segments
  • Impact on per capita consumption and the share of Beer, Spirits, and Wine
  • Individual trends for Beer, Spirits, and Wine
  • Import & Export trends for Beer, Spirits, and Wine
  • A deeper dive into wine market trends due to direct-to-consumer activities
  • Insights based on available excise tax payments for specific markets and economic data from various government sources
    • This data gives a full market overview as opposed to many sources that measure only specific channels or rely on survey data.

Registration for this webinar is limited — Click now to reserve your seat today.