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Sonoma County puts a target on all its wineries by not identifying the one reporting 14 employees testing positive for COVID-19


Sonoma County Public Health Officer Dr. Sundari Mase has said that 14 employees at an unidentified Sonoma County winery had positive for COVID-19.

In a May 29 article, the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat quoted Mase:

“I can tell you there’s a winery that’s involved, there are 14 persons that are positive in that winery and there’s others that are under investigation,” Mase said during her daily press briefing.

“These, I think, are considered more essential workers, this is not … something that’s happening in the outdoor tasting section for the winery, this is actually in the central worker group.”

Of course, tasting room personnel do gave interactions with many employees from other areas of a winery.


Because the winery is not identified, that means that consumers — who are already wary about stepping into hospitality situations — will suspect all wineries and stay away because of yet another uncertainty.