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JaM Cellars files for new preliminary injunction against The Wine Group’s Franzia Brand; Trial date set

JaM Cellars’ “rich & buttery” federal lawsuit against The Wine Group’s Franzia brand heated up on May 15 when it filed a request for a preliminary injunction (premium link) against The Wine Group in its trademark infringement case filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California (San Francisco).

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Court Filings (premium links)

  • JaM Cellars notice of motion, and motion, for preliminary injunction-051520
  • JaM Cellars proposed order for preliminary injunction-051520
  • Order to consolidate cases-051120
  • TWG/Franzia answer to JaM Complaint and Counter-Complaint- 051520
  • JaM Cellars, TWG/Franzia stipuolation to consolidate cases and set deadline
  • TWG/Franzia Summary Judgment Request Denied-04-17-20.pdf
  • JaM’s original complaint-040819