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PSPS Power

Silicon Valley Bank offered its winery clients a great promo opportunity. Most did a savvy marketing job.

This is a great idea! and some good deals … especially on shipping!

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 3.27.16 PM

Kudos for the wineries that saw the opportunity and grabbed it. These are the savvy wineries in the Savvy SVB Vintner list

  1. Alexana Winery
  2. Aperture
  3. Arietta
  4. Au Bon Climat
  5. Baldacci  Family Vineyards
  6. Balletto Vineyards
  7. Bennett Lane
  8. Betz
  9. Bledsoe  Family Winery
  10. CADE
  11. Caliza Winery
  12. Charles  Krug
  13. Chateau Montelena
  14. Cliff Lede
  15. Correlation
  16. County Line Vineyards
  17. CrossBarn  by Paul Hobbs
  18. Crown Point  Vineyards
  19. CRU Vineyard 29
  20. DeLille Cellars
  21. Domaine Drouhin
  22. Doubleback
  23. Elk Cove
  24. Failla
  25. Ferrari-Carano
  26. Fisher  Vineyards
  27. Frank Family Vineyards
  28. Fulldraw  Vineyard
  29. Gramercy Cellars
  30. Hahn Family
  31. Hirsch Vineyards
  32. Hook & Ladder
  33. Immortal Estate
  34. LIOCO
  35. Merryvale
  36. Mi Sueno
  37. Novelty Hill
  38. ODETTE
  39. ONDA
  40. Panther Creek
  41. Patton Valley
  42. Pfriem Beer
  43. Phifer Pavitt
  44. Pike Road
  45. PlumpJack
  46. Ponzi Vineyards
  47. Quivira
  48. Ramey
  49. Ram’s Gate
  50. Revana
  51. Robert Keenan Winery
  52. Roblar Winery
  53. Seavey  Vineyard
  54. Soter Vineyards
  55. Starmont
  56. Tamber Bey
  57. Teeter  Totter
  58. Thomas George Estates
  59. Tranche
  60. Trefethen
  61. Tres Perlas
  62. Vineyard 29
  63. Vineyard 7 & 8
  64. Westwood Wine
  65. Williamson  Wines

Complete SVB spreadsheet

Original SVB spreadsheet

Wine Industry Insight Savvy SVB Marketer Spreadsheet

Attached is a spreadsheet that Wine Industry Insight created showing those savvy vintners  who seized the opportunity completely: Savvy SVB Vintners and their promotions.

Some wineries also ran

Only 65 of the wineries actually seized the complete opportunity. The rest of the 166 wineries either had totally blank lines or a “click the website” which isn’t really a consumer incentive.

Our spot check of those links (we didn’t check them all) found none of them listed   a special promotion.

Basic best online marketing practices require a specific landing page for that offering. A site’s main splash page is not sufficient.