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Tasting room shut because of COVID-19? — Use Zoom (or teleconference site of your choice) to hold online tastings.

NOTE: This is NOT an ad or sponsored content in any way by anyone including Zoom.


I mention Zoom because it is widely used and is already installed on millions of computers. Plus there are apps for mobile phones and tablets.


You can have up to 100 participants in the free version — and up to 1,000 for premium plans.


Even in non-pandemic times this could help wine club engagement. Offer those who participate special pricing for orders or shipping placed during the tele-tasting.


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Virtual worlds may be an option (or not)

Establishing a presence in virtual worlds could also be an alternative. I used to play around with Second Life 10+ years ago. I looked at it on St. Patrick’s Day, but the onboarding process for new users is actively user-hostile and a total geek kludge (like 10 yrs ago) that will drive normal wine drinkers away.

Think of how this learning experience could be rolled into your overall marketing once Corona returns to being just another Mexican beer.