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Dueling To Kalon lawsuits — Constellation & The Vineyard House — scheduled for trial in federal court


The dueling lawsuits concerning The Robert Mondavi Winery’s near monopoly over the use of the To Kalon designationon wine played out to a Coronavirus-empty court room in the San Francisco U.S. Federal District Court for the Northern District Of California.


Instead of in-person appearances, Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers ordered lawyers for Constellation Brands and The Vineyard House (TVH)  to call in for a phone conference call for their Friday the 13th compliance hearing.


Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 2.13.03 PM


The conference was held and the judge set Bench Trial dates for 5/4/2020 through 5/8/2020 and 5/11/2020. Witness lists are to be filed by 4/10/2020.


There is no indication if the trial will face further COVID-19 restrictions or delays.

The dispute in short:

  • RMW maintains it has the exclusive intellectual property (IP) rights to use “To Kalon” on its wines and other materials.
  • The Vineyard House contends that “To Kalon” is a place and because it is a geographic locale, the name is not subject to IP registrations and restrictions.

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Exhaustive previous coverage

The dispute between The Vineyard House and the Robert Mondavi Winery subsidiary of Constellation Brands has been well detailed in previous articles in this and other publications:

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Litgation Summary

A brief never is (brief)


Full court filings for Wine Executive News Premium Subscribers

Constellation & Vineyard House – Combined case

  • Constellation-Vineyard House Joint Statement 030220
  • VineyardHouse v. Constellation Order Combining cases 022520.pdf

Constellation v. Vineyard House

  • Constellation v. VineyardHouse Docket Image 420 cv 00238 YGR 011020.png
  • Constellation v. Vineyardhouse Complaint 011020.pdf
  • Constellation v. Vineyardhouse Complaint Exhibit Civil Cover Sheet 011020 1 7.pdf
  • Constellation v. Vineyardhouse Complaint Exhibit A 011020 1 1.pdf
  • Constellation v. Vineyardhouse Complaint Exhibit B 011020 1 2.pdf
  • Constellation v. Vineyardhouse Complaint Exhibit C 011020 1 3.pdf
  • Constellation v. Vineyardhouse Complaint Exhibit D 011020 1 4.pdf
  • Constellation v. Vineyardhouse Complaint Exhibit E 011020 1 5.pdf
  • Constellation v. Vineyardhouse Complaint Exhibit F 011020 1 6.pdf
  • Constellation v. Vineyardhouse Motion For Preliminary Injunction 011020.pdf

Vineyard House v. Constellation

  • Vineyard House v. Constellation 4 19 cv 01424 YGR DocketImage 031120.png
  • Vineyard House v, Constellation Complaint 031819.pdf
  • Vineyard House v, Constellation Complaint Exhibits A-K 031819.pdf
  • Vineyard House v. Constellation – Dismissal With Leave To Amend – 062719
  • Vineyard House v Constellation Request For Preliminary Injunction 111819.pdf