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Ramondin and Janson Capsules finalize joint venture deal



The two family-owned companies RMD Group and Janson Capsules have formally closed a deal to form a new joint venture across the European, Northern and Latin American markets.


This new partnership will create a world manufacturing leader in the capsule and screwcap industries offering a complete range of products to fully cover the wines and spirits market. Currently, the new Group produces more than 3 billion closures a year.


The new operation will build a platform for industrial and commercial further developments.


RMD Group and Janson Capsules will commercially carry on independently even though taking immediate advantage of their respective strengths as synergies.


“Janson Capsules is thrilled about this venture which will allow us to strengthen our footprint and services on our key markets ; especially in the US with a completely integrated manufacturing process, keeping our core business family values” says Stephane JANSON, CEO and Owner – Janson Capsules.


RMD Group, a Spanish corporation, has been specializing in capsule and screw cap manufacturing since 1890.


Its over 125-year history is marked by innovation, close customer relationship and has driven the company to lead the capsule global market from its factories in the USA, France (2), Spain, Argentina and Chile.


Janson Capsules has been founded in 1987 by Stephane Janson in France.


With over 30 years of experience in printing and packaging, it has become a global leader and expert in capsule and closure solutions both in France and the US with a strong organic track record.


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