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Bronco, Gallo & other large wineries dominate Napa County with 70% of permitted production

While the name “Napa” has come to represent pinnacle of American ultra-fine wine ,in reality, 45% of the permitted production is vested in two companies with budget wine reputations — Gallo and Bronco.


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Those two companies account for approximately 45% of all permitted wine production in Napa County, according to Wine Industry Insight’s preliminary analysis of public records. Total permitted wine production, according to county records,  is just over 126.4 million gallons.


What’s more, of the 522 wineries listed in county records, another 15 wineries have production use permits of 1 to 4 million gallons. Those represent another 31.2 million gallons which is 25% of total county permitted production.


Those 15 wineries plus Gallo and Bronco account for 70 % of permitted production in Napa County.


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Large producer dominance

Because many — of not most — wine consumers fail to draw a distinction between Napa County and Napa Valley, this offers a substantial marketing and sales boost to large producers who ride the coattails of the extraordinary, and highly successful, efforts of the Napa Valley Vintners Association.

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