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Lewis Perdue is an entrepreneur, technologist, scientist, professor, author, publisher, journalist, and outdoorsman. Click here for more on Lew. Email Lew at: lewis[dot]perdue[at]wineindustryinsight[dot]com

Most Popular Super Bowl LVII Advertisers: Beer, Spirits & Snacks (No Vino)

Click Morning Consult Source Link For A Larger, Clearer Image Source:, Morning Consult

China Ownership Of US Farmland Is A Flashpoint, But May Be A Non-Starter.

Source: USDA via Wall Street Journal

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Most Americans Are Not Happy About Changes at Social Media Platforms

Source: Morning Consult

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Marijuana Legalization Expanding. Now In Majority Of States.

Source: Axios

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NH Is #1 In US Per Capita Drinking. The Also Rans May Surprise You

Source: NIAAA via VinePair

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Here’s Why US Workers Hold All The Cards Right Now

Source: The Economist

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Wine Holds Its Own As #2 Preferred Fine Dining Drink, But Spirits & Cocktails Rule.

Source: Silicon Valley Bank 2023 Wine Industry Report

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Despite Declining Inflation, Consumer Spending — Especially Food & Retail — Softened in December

Source: Morning Consult.

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Lowest Wage Earners Benefiting Most From Current Economic Conditions.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistice via Axios

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A Detailed Look At 2022 Wine M&A

The rest of 2022 + many more charts and tables at the source: Azur Associates

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