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Just as canned wine takes off, aluminum can prices rise: Tariffs & conversion to vehicle uses to blame

“Beverage companies say can-sheet manufacturers have raised prices to reflect the tariff and lower U.S. production. Kelly Clay, chief executive of Wyoming-based Admiral BeverageCorp., said his costs for cans from Crown Holdings Inc. and Ball have increased 15% since the tariff took effect. That obliged him to raise prices on the drinks he bottles and distributes for PepsiCo Inc. in seven Western states by about 15% as well, to $3.35 for 12 cans of soda.” — Wall Street Journal (Possible paywall)

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 5.43.03 AMSource: Wall Street Journal (Possible paywall)

“Producing aluminum for cans isn’t as profitable as rolling sheet for car companies. Aluminum rolling mills are paid about $1 a pound above the market price for the raw-aluminum ingots they use to make auto-body sheet, compared with about 35 cents a pound for converting can sheeting.” — WSJ

Canned wine: explosive growth from tiny revenue base. Other alt-packaging also growing strongly

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