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Non-profit research group tries to bridge the wine industry gap between discovery & application




Applied Research Platform Established for Benefit of the Wine Industry


Rescue, CA, January 18, 2019    The non-profit Research Oenovation Collective, the ROC, is focused on the advancement of practical winemaking by providing a collaborative platform for applied research and innovation. The ROC will deliver continuous improvement through interdisciplinary applied research linking scientific discovery to winemaking innovation.


The ROC is led by CEO Peter Salamone, driven by the ROC wine industry members, guided by an outstanding technical advisory committee and supported by industry sponsors and the ROC board of directors.


The ROC is allied with a preferred group of wine industry colleagues whose vision and actions align with the ROC principles including excellence and continuous improvement and works alongside collaborators to fulfill the mission of delivering data-driven guidance for specific winemaking processes.


Affiliated ROC Sponsors, Partners and Members are aligned at the forefront of applied technical innovation through support of an industry-wide organization which will bring impactful and lasting benefits. By exhibiting independent thinking and taking collective action the ROC is advancing the North American wine industry.


CEO Peter Salamone says;

“Bridging the gap between basic discovery and the application of principles is what the ROC is all about.”

“From implementation of new tools and practices to simply creating a contextual understanding of the molecular consequences of physical changes in the winemaking process, the ROC is providing winemakers a much-needed link between Discovery Research and Application Development.”

ROC research strategy includes administration of a comprehensive applied research platform where cooperation and collaboration yield practical results. Reliable analytical data is at the very heart of any research project. The ROC is committed to bringing analytical rigor, statistical relevance and consistency in experimental design to each collaborative trial.


Communication is a key component of all ROC functions. From providing opportunities for industry partners to clearly understand each other to facilitating seminars

introducing the latest innovations for the industry and through dissemination of research results, the ROC strives for transparency in all activities.


Membership in the ROC is open to any individual, corporation or other business entity engaged in operation and/or manufacture of; wine, winemaking products, processing technology, research or technical development. Sponsorship opportunities are available.

About The Research Oenovation Collective

The Research Oenovation Collective, the ROC, is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation registered with the State of California which administers an applied research platform for the wine industry and operates throughout winegrowing regions across North America.


ROC regional chapters are developing in California (Paso-SLO, Sonoma, Napa, Lodi and Foothills regions), Oregon, Virginia and Washington. Expansion is planned throughout 2019 and 2020. For information about your specific region or to inquire about any membership or sponsorship opportunities please contact the ROC by visiting our website at, email us at or call (707) 799-9463 (WINE). Peter Salamone can be reached directly at .