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TTB investigation source says Justice Dept. dropping ball on Jeff Hill Napa Valley grape fraud case

According to TTB personnel close to the case, federal prosecutors appear to have fumbled the wire & mail fraud case against Jeffry Hill.


“Disgusting…disappointing,”a senior TTB official told Wine Industry Insight concerning the long delays in the case.


Hill has been charged with perpetuating a wide-ranging Napa Valley grape and wine fraud case so extensive that it called into question the integrity of America’s top wine region (In Vino Veritas. In Napa, Deceit).


The TTB sources for this article first contacted Wine Industry Insight following its  Sept. 6, 2017 article — Is Grape Fraud OK With Feds? — and said fraud “was not okay” with TTB.


Wine Industry Insight has contacted federal prosecutors and Hill’s court-appointed lawyers multiple times but has received no response. TTB has replied it would have no official comment.


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  • Years of delay

  • TTB fears “slap on the wrist” despite previous felonies

  • Hill case a big contrast to quick action in Charles Banks/Tim Duncan case

  • TTB confirms Initial 19 charges reported by Wine Industry Insight

  • Secrecy rules the courtroom

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