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CBS News takes a look at money, wine, and murder in Napa

The CBS News program “48 Hours” aired a full episode this past Saturday based on Wine Industry Insight’s 16-month-long investigative reporting on the financial conflicts between aspiring Napa Valley vintner Robert Dahl and his investor, Emad Tawfilis.


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The 48 Hours team’s extensive investigation added substantial new information that helps complete the story and fills in many puzzling gaps.


Wine Industry Insight Publisher/Executive Editor Lewis Perdue worked with the 48 Hours team, providing access to his premium artices, giving them copies of documents, and introducing them to sources. In the early part of their work, Perdue took them step-by-step through events, touring them to key sites and helping to find settings and other items of interest.


“The 48 Hours crew kept digging relentlessly and turn up additional new and original information that is truly amazing,” said Perdue.


That dispute ended on March 16, 2015 when Dahl murdered Tawfilis and later killed himself at the end of a police chase in the Mayacamas hills near Oakville Grade.


Documents and emails uncovered in the WII investigation and further details uncovered by CBS found that Perdue had also been a target of the killer.


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