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Todd Sheppard

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TTB says it’s doing something, with somebody against somebody about slotting fees in Florida

The TTB says it is doing something about slotting fees with somebody in Florida and wants everybody to know about it … but what they are doing, with whom and against whom is a lot more closely held to the chest than the NSA’s hacking tools.


Wine Industry Insight received an email from the TTB yesterday.


The entire text said: “TTB has issued a release regarding a trade practice enforcement operation that took place this week.”


The email had a link to the following page:


Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 6.17.11 AM

When WII contacted Thomas Hogue. TTB’s Director, Congressional and Public Affairs for details, we received this reply:


“Given that this is an ongoing investigation, I am limited in what I can tell you.  Anything in particular?


WII replied: “Be good to know the names of the stores and distributor/wholesalers involved.”


TTB replied: “Sorry.  Can’t at this time. “