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Todd Sheppard

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Caymus Finalizes Permits and Planning for Second Solano County Winery

Caymus Winery is leaving yet another prominent footprint in Solano County with approvals nearly complete for second winery. This new one — Caymus-Suisun — is a  200,000-gallon facility in the Suisun Valley AVA west of Fairfield in the mountainous foothills which separate Napa and Solano Counties. It may also be a set of footsteps to be followed by other Napa Valley vintners and growers.


The Wagner Family, still smarting from Napa County’s bureaucratic purgatories, is already in the final stages of constructing a 5.5-million gallon winery at 2650 Cordelia Rd., south of I-80, about five miles south of the proposed new winery


Indeed, this new winery by Caymus — which could use on-site grapes for a top-of-the-line estate bottling —  could mean the biggest boost to the premium wine respect demanded by growers and vintners in that growing appellation. For more on that, see: Suisun/Green Valley vineyards get respect from Napa & seek more distance from Solano Delta grapes.


Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 8.41.24 AM

Project location – Right-click image to enlarge

According to county records, the Caymus-Suisun Winery, located west of Mankas Corner at 4991 Suisun Valley Road, Fairfield, will occupy 28.89 acres of agricultural land.


Currently the existing site includes approximately five acres containing the remnants of a dried fruit processing facility that are currently used for existing vineyard operations and equipment storage. The balance of the property is planted in vineyards.


Wine Industry Insight reached out to Caymus for comment, but none was received in time for this article. Sources close to the winery projects said that everyone involved is time-stressed and working overtime to get bottling and, possibly, crush at the Cordelia facility operational for this fall’s crush. See more notes at the bottom of this article.

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The Project As Proposed

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  • Primary project components by phase are as follows: Phase 1 – 2018

  • Phase 2 – 2020+

  • Weddings, Concerts, Tours, Events & Other Visitor Serving Uses

  • No Significant Impacts With Agreed-Upon Mitigations

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 6.01.53 AM

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  • Notes on Cordelia Winery Construction

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    • Draft Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration,  June 16, 2017
    • Caymus Suisun Winery – Draft Initial Study – Appendix 6.1
    • Caymus Suisun Winery – Draft Initial Study – Appendix 6.2
    • Caymus Suisun Winery – Draft Initial Study – Appendix 6.3
    • Caymus Suisun Winery – Draft Initial Study – Appendix 6.4
    • Caymus Suisun Winery – Draft Initial Study – Appendix 6.5
    • Caymus Suisun Winery – Draft Initial Study – Appendix 6.6
  • FYI: Additional Documents: Cordelia Winery Documents from 2013

    • Staff Report
    • Comments Received


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