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Todd Sheppard

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Bronco’s Bleu Wine blues appear headed toward a sparkling conclusion

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Blue in Style LLC — a subsidiary of Bronco Wine Company — and its Blanc de Bleu sparkling wine brand appear close to prevailing in a federal lawsuit charging breach of contract and trademark violations associated with a joint venture which produces a blueberry-flavored sparkling wine.


Bronco is asking for a jury trial, triple damages, lawyer’s fees and injunctive relief.


The dispute arose when  Foster City resident Koh Ohsedo — Bronco’s former 50-50 joint venture partner — defaulted on a loan secured by Ohsedo’s 50 percent ownership.


The fine details are more complicated, as is often the case in these sorts of lawsuits. A scorecard of the adversaries is described farther down in this article.

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Sparkling Sings the Bleus

Blanc de Bleu was created with  weddings in mind, especially brides looking for something palatable, well-priced and out of the ordinary.


According to the vin mousseux made from Monterey County Chardonnay grapes and carbonated using the Charmat method, has been well received with an aggregate score of 86 and medals from several well-respected wine competitions.


According to the back label, the wine is made from “natural flavors and certified color.”


Also in this article:

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  • Scorecard Details The Marriage Break-Up

  • Something Bleu, Something Borrowed, Now Someone’s Blue

  • A Bleu Beard Pirates the Brand, May Now Be Walking the Plank

Court Documents

The following full court documents are available for Wine Executive News premium subscribers

  • Blue in Style operating agreement
  • Bronco complaint filed in U.S. District Court


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