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TTB looking for comments on wine, spirits, beer information collection

Wine Industry Insight has re-ordered the list to place wine-related items first. We have also included a quick link: Proposed Information Collections; Comment Request (No. 64)


On Friday, June 9, 2017, as required by the Paperwork Reduction Act, we published in the Federal Register a notice requesting public comments on 11 existing TTB information collections (forms and recordkeeping requirements).

TTB NOTICE (edited for readability)

These information collections are:


  • Application to Establish and Operate Wine Premises (TTB F 5120.25), and Wine Bond (TTB F 5120.36) (OMB Control No. 1513–0009);
  • Report of Wine Premises Operations (TTB F 5120.17) (OMB Control No. 1513–0053);
  • Withdrawal of Spirits, Specially Denatured Spirits, or Wines for Exportation (TTB F 5100.11) (OBM Control No. 1513–0037);
  • Excise Tax Return (TTB F 5000.24) (OMB Control No. 1513–0083);
  • Pay.gov User Agreement (TTB F 5000.31) (OMB Control No. 1513–0117);
  • Letterhead Applications and Notice Filed by Brewers (TTB REC 5130/2);
  • Brewer’s Notice (TTB F 5130.10) (OMB Control No. 1513–0005);
  • Brewer’s Bond (TTB F 5130.22) and Brewer’s Bond Continuation Certificate (TTB F 5130.23); Brewer’s Collateral Bond (TTB F 5130.25) and Brewer’s Collateral Bond Continuation Certificate (TTB F 5130.27) (OMB Control No. 1513–0015);
  • Application for Transfer of Spirits and/or Denatured Spirits in Bond (TTB F 5100.16) (OMB Control No. 1513–0038);
  • Registration of Distilled Spirits Plants and Miscellaneous Requests and Notices for Distilled Spirits Plants, and other Distilled Spirits Related Requests and Notices (TTB F 5110.41) (OMB Control No. 1513–0048);
  • Application, Permit, and Report—Wine and Beer (Puerto Rico), and Application, Permit, and Report—Distilled Spirits Products (Puerto Rico) (TTB F 5100.21 and 5110.51) (OMB Control No. 1513–0123); and
  • Distilled Spirits Bond (TTB F 5110.56) (OMB Control No. 1513–0125).

To view the notice, all related supporting documents, and any comments received in response to this notice, go to Docket No. TTB–2017–0003 at Regulations.gov. (Proposed Information Collections; Comment Request (No. 64))


To submit a comment electronically, use the Regulations.gov comment form for this notice. To submit comments by postal mail or hand delivery, see the instructions in the notice.