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Todd Sheppard


TTB looking for comments on wine, spirits, beer information collection

Wine Industry Insight has re-ordered the list to place wine-related items first. We have also included a quick link: Proposed Information Collections; Comment Request (No. 64)


On Friday, June 9, 2017, as required by the Paperwork Reduction Act, we published in the Federal Register a notice requesting public comments on 11 existing TTB information collections (forms and recordkeeping requirements).

TTB NOTICE (edited for readability)

These information collections are:


  • Application to Establish and Operate Wine Premises (TTB F 5120.25), and Wine Bond (TTB F 5120.36) (OMB Control No. 1513–0009);
  • Report of Wine Premises Operations (TTB F 5120.17) (OMB Control No. 1513–0053);
  • Withdrawal of Spirits, Specially Denatured Spirits, or Wines for Exportation (TTB F 5100.11) (OBM Control No. 1513–0037);
  • Excise Tax Return (TTB F 5000.24) (OMB Control No. 1513–0083);
  • User Agreement (TTB F 5000.31) (OMB Control No. 1513–0117);
  • Letterhead Applications and Notice Filed by Brewers (TTB REC 5130/2);
  • Brewer’s Notice (TTB F 5130.10) (OMB Control No. 1513–0005);
  • Brewer’s Bond (TTB F 5130.22) and Brewer’s Bond Continuation Certificate (TTB F 5130.23); Brewer’s Collateral Bond (TTB F 5130.25) and Brewer’s Collateral Bond Continuation Certificate (TTB F 5130.27) (OMB Control No. 1513–0015);
  • Application for Transfer of Spirits and/or Denatured Spirits in Bond (TTB F 5100.16) (OMB Control No. 1513–0038);
  • Registration of Distilled Spirits Plants and Miscellaneous Requests and Notices for Distilled Spirits Plants, and other Distilled Spirits Related Requests and Notices (TTB F 5110.41) (OMB Control No. 1513–0048);
  • Application, Permit, and Report—Wine and Beer (Puerto Rico), and Application, Permit, and Report—Distilled Spirits Products (Puerto Rico) (TTB F 5100.21 and 5110.51) (OMB Control No. 1513–0123); and
  • Distilled Spirits Bond (TTB F 5110.56) (OMB Control No. 1513–0125).

To view the notice, all related supporting documents, and any comments received in response to this notice, go to Docket No. TTB–2017–0003 at (Proposed Information Collections; Comment Request (No. 64))


To submit a comment electronically, use the comment form for this notice. To submit comments by postal mail or hand delivery, see the instructions in the notice.