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Todd Sheppard

Live Oak Bank

“Grapevine Triangle” balance method for growers finally reaches North America

The Grapevine Triangle: It’s taken decades to arrive, but this fundamental method of grapevine balance has finally reached North America thanks to a peer-reviewed article that has been months in the making: Grapevine Triangle: An aid to understanding grapevine balance.


While some of he concepts have been discussed here on an informal basis, this is the first peer-reviewed article on the concept, according to Don Neel, Editor, Practical Winery & Vineyard.


“The Grapevine Triangle concept has only been taught in New Zealand for less than ten years but not exported/shared outside of New Zealand,” said Neel. “No one at UC Davis, Fresno State, or Cornell here in USA has taught the concept. This is the first straight-forward presentation to bypass anecdotal discussions.”


The article appears in the June 2017 issue of Wines & Vines.