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Oenotan – A Better Way To Quickly Add Predictable Complexity To Your Wines

Napa, CA May 8, 2017
Oenotan is an all- natural, water soluble, freeze-dried, tannin crystal made from 2 year air-dried French oak and is now available from Heritage Barrels, LLC. When added to your wine, Oenotan contributes palate structure and volume to the wine. It can be effectively used to stabilize color, neutralize green characters(pyrazines),and cure off- aromas in your wine.
Unlike chips and other adjuncts, Oenotan can be assessed using a simple bench trial. Winemakers can know Oenotan’s effect on a small sample of their wine BEFORE they place it in a large tank.They can also precisely adjust the amount of impact Oenotan has on their wine. Furthermore, each unit of Oenotan discloses the ACTUAL amount of tannin contained in the addition. This is important so winemakers can replicate desired results every time. A virtual impossibility with other adjunct options.
Oenotan fully dissolves in the wine so there is no labor- intensive cleanup as there is with oak chips. Unlike inserts, with Oenotan, there is no installation expense and nothing to dispose of when ageing is complete.
Oenotan is available in three distinct profiles, Authentique, Vanilla and Mocha. Each profile is based upon the toast level of the seasoned French oak utilized in the Oenotan process. 10g trial packets are available at no charge, with detailed instructions on their use, by contacting founding Heritage Barrels, LLC partner, John Schilter at 707-696-7695.
About Heritage Barrels, LLC
Heritage Barrels, LLC is located in Napa, CA and distributes Oenotan to the North American and export market. In addition to representing Oenotan, the company also distributes French oak barrels and foudres from Tonnellerie Vallaurine, French oak barrels from Giraud, concrete tanks from Marc Nomblot’s newly organized Oef d’Beaune and Serap stainless steel tanks. Complete information can be obtained by visiting Heritagebarrels.com