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Todd Sheppard


Bello Vineyard sale pending brings lower price, possible issues with clear title to real estate

A companion article may be accessed at: Bello Family Vineyards Rutherford estate possibly sold (or not) at bankruptcy auction. Turf battles & new legal complications raise doubts


A sale is pending for the Bello Family Vineyards estate property in Rutherford but at a price below the auction’s premium bid according to court documents and multiple sources knowledgeable about the transaction details.


However, the sale price accepted by Santa Ana Bankruptcy Court Trustee Brian Weiss is lower than the auction’s low-bid level and may have issues with clear title to real estate. The low bid level was $7 million plus an 8% buyers’ premium of $560,000.

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  • Legal disagreement over “below-minimum-bid” sale price

  • Title company says it will not insure

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