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Courts Closing in On Robert Dahl And His Napa Valley Wine Ventures

After having his defenses and protestations of innocence universally contradicted by numerous court witnesses and documents, Robert Dahl now finds his wiggle room boxed in by judicial decisions in two Bay Area Superior Courts.

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As a result, Dahl has seen one of his cases dismissed, lost control of a company, been slapped with injunctions and protective orders and faces a March 24 hearing on contempt of court.

He is being hauled into to Napa Superior Court to show cause why he should not be found in contempt of court on 18 counts of violating all court orders involving wine, wine tanks and nearly $1 million in a Chase Bank account.

One of the counts also charges Dahl with lying to the court even after the court demanded that he tell the truth.

In addition to Dahl personally, the court decisions involve

  • California Shiners,
  • Dahl Vineyards,
  • Napa Point Winery,
  • Napa Point Brewing,
  • Patio Wine Company, and
  • Vitis Vinifera Voodoo

Dahl’s ownership in Sonoma County’s Christopher Creek Winery has not yet been a subject of litigation.

On Nov. 26, 2014, Wine Industry Insight broke the story of the Napa wine investment/loan gone bad which wound up amid a long list of charges that include money laundering, fraud, usury, violations of securities law, illegal collateral sales, and failure to pay off $1.2 million: at least $800,000 of  it in cash. For more, please see: Napa Wine Finance Deal Tangled In Court Suits Charging Usury, Fraud, Securities Violations

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