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Why This Wine & Health Headline Should NOT Be A Surprise

Surprising Study Finds Red Wine May Help Women Beat Breast Cancer

It should not be a surprise, but it is.

And that’s because the wine industry is timid, apathetic, smug and doing a pitiful job of telling the story. Yes, that includes everybody from the Wine Institute to Family Winemakers to every state, local, county and other wine organization in the country.

The number of “alcohol is evil” headlines I find every day for the Daily News Fetch has been going up steadily along with the “AH-HAH! Wine’s not so good for you after all” articles. Combine those with the articles that declare you a binge drinker if you consume more than two, 5-ounce glasses of wine each day and that adds up to an unfortunate future.

All of those articles that go uncontested steadily accumulate in the public’s mind. And the more the public accepts them, the easier time that NeoProhibitionists will have in following Europe, The UK, Australia and other countries in establishing minimum pricing and raising taxes.

Maybe someone in the wine industry should summon up the appropriately large gonads and take the lead from this major beer company exec who undoubtedly remembers the boost wine got from the French Paradox … 21 years ago:

Drink Up, Beer Is Healthy Says… Heineken Exec

Yes,wine as a whole is still outperforming beer and spirits as a whole, but how long will that last now that the NeoDrys have targeted the French Paradox and seem determined to completely debunk it?

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