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Beer With Dinner, Again

I’m as close as this industry gets to a regular wine drinker.

I don’t get pallet-loads of free wine (nor do I want them).I buy my wine.

It used to be that my wife and I would split a bottle of wine with dinner each night. But increasingly, we drink beer because the wine we find that fits into our everyday price range ($8 to $12) is often better used as a substitute for WD-40 or colon cleansing fluid.

Here’s about $70 down the drain tonight alone. Not only is this expensive, but I fear for the bacteria in my septic system. If they die well … [expletive deleted].

So what was tonight’s wine match for eggplant Parmesan? Bear Republic IPA.

Let’s see … what that means is maybe we should drink beer six nights a week and have a $70 bottle one night?

But if I can’t reliably find a good $10 wine, I don’t trust the market or the experts to find one worth $70. In fact, I have had all too many $70 wines that were only worth $10.

On the other hand, I have never had to pour an IPA down the sink.