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Todd Sheppard


My Secret Weapon!

Wine Industry Insight and all the work on publishing my books would never have happened without my secret weapon: my son William.

Oh sure, I would have done both of them, but not nearly as well, not nearly as efficiently and not without pulling out my remaining hair.

William has done all the custom programming and database work for Wine Industry Insight, LewisPerdue.Com and dozens of my other sites and blogs. He’s formatted and handled all of the ebook and print-on-demand for all my backlist books once I obtained the rights back from all them big New Yawk publishing houses.


And he’s handled the e-book and Amazon print versions of Die By Wire — my first foray into the realm of independent publishing. (The best round-up of the reasons fore this can be found in this piece by my friend and colleague (and bestselling writer) Barry Eisler.)

Good enough. But without William, I’d still be flailing around, trying to get things done. I showed William the rudiments of programming back when he was nine or ten and he was a natural. Surpassed me quickly. Had his own company ( since he was 13.

He’s a freshman at the University of Oregon now, but still a rock, handling programming and other tasks while taking final exams. There is not enough time, not enough words to describe the tasks and the pivotal thinking William has done to enable Wine Industry Insight, News Fetch, my novel writing and so many other things.

Of course, I love him as a son, for the nice guy that he is and the friend whether biking, backpacking or just hanging out. But it’s a special treasure when that same person is also a colleague and go-to, reliable man whose teamwork has made my life far different than it ever would have been.

Thanks dude! For everything.