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Todd Sheppard


All The Wine Industry News: Not Just The Feel-Good Stuff

I get complaints now and then about the selection of articles for News Fetch and Wine Industry Insight. The most frequent  gripe comes over why I select articles dealing with alcohol abuse or those with an obvious NeoProhibitionist slant.

Why do it?

Because being informed means having all the information, not just the feel-good stuff.

I am not a cheerleader for the industry.

I apply the same standards to News Fetch links and my original Wine Executive News pieces that I did when I worked for Dow-Jones, TheStreet.Com,, MarketWatch, Gannett and other mainstream media organizations.

Getting only the good news means making business decisions based on faulty data. Running a business is tough enough without having your head stuck in some parallel Pollyanna universe.

I got several complaints  about a piece (Wine writing is broken) in yesterday’s News Fetch that contained offensive language.

Why did I do that? Not because I agreed, but because readers need to know it’s out there.

Indeed, Tom Wark read it, felt it should not go unanswered and responded in a link I included in today’s News Fetch: The Worst Kind of Wine Writing.

The point to all of this is that you have the ability to respond, to reply, to take action, to answer that which you feel is wrong.